5 Reasons your Business needs Commercial Pressure Washing

There are a lot of things that go into managing a property and helping your business succeed. Maintaining your building, facilities, and storefront is a key component of that. How can pressure washing give your Montreal business a boost?

a Montreal storefront kept clean in part by pressure washing

How Does Pressure Washing Work?

Pressure washing involves applying a high-pressure spray of water to surfaces to clean them. Commerical pressure washing can remove residue from pollution, mildew, and signs of aging. It can be used to clean a variety of surfaces and materials. On concrete, it can remove mold, gum, and dirt stains. Pressure washing wood can return it to its original vibrant color without the use of harsh chemicals or elbow grease.


When pressure washing, there are 2 considerations: PSI and GPM. PSI (pounds per square inch) is what puts the “pressure” in “pressure washing.” By packing a punch, the right PSI forces contaminants off the surface you’re cleaning. GPM (gallons per minute) indicates the amount of water flushing away contaminants.

Both are important, but different applications call for different amounts of each. Business owners may want a higher PSI to spray caked-on grime off the exterior of a storefront. In a rural setting, farmers may want more GPM to wash away contaminants from the soil. The GPM and PSI your property needs will depend on the specific situation and setting. A professional service will be able to determine what type of pressure washing your property needs.

How Often Do I Need to Pressure Wash a Property?

For most situations, an annual power washing will suffice. However, this depends mainly on the materials used to construct the building and façade. The condition of the building also matters. Older buildings or buildings in dirtier areas may need more frequent washing.

Does Pressure Washing Damage the Building?

Not if a professional does it. While many people can and do rent a pressure washer to clean their businesses, a DIY crew and a professional service are very different things and will yield different results. For example, an amateur may put the pressure too high for the surface or hold the nozzle too close to the building. This can chip paint, damage screens, and ruin siding.

Also worth noting, most rentable pressure washing equipment has the same PSI as commercial tools, but holds significantly less water, meaning the project takes longer to do. It saves time (and, by extension, money) to hire a professional. Check out a recent case study here.

a commercial power washing service cleans away mud

Benefits of a Commercial Pressure Washer Service

Upholds Your Company Image

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. Whether you’re the owner of the building or a business owner renting the space, the way your building is perceived by passersby matters. Keeping a property clean and well-maintained says good things about your brand. You want people to find your storefront attractive, approachable, and clean. Regular pressure washing makes the building look newer and more appealing. This is especially important if your business is B2C and deals with a lot of foot traffic, but it still matters for B2B businesses. It’s also an easy way to stand out, especially when located along busy routes.

Extends the Life of Building Exteriors and the Surrounding Concrete or Asphalt Paving

Debris isn’t just unattractive. Accumulated mold growth, bird droppings, algae, dirt, and rot can also wear away the building over time. Some building materials like brick can actually deteriorate if not washed regularly. By removing rot and debris, you’re improving the value of the building and preventing costly repairs down the road.

Maintaining the building regularly can save maintenance costs over time by saving you money on costly repairs. For example, bird droppings are extremely acidic. If left to sit, they can accumulate and weaken the gutter systems or roof over time. This can lead to collapsing roofs or breaks. Simply cleaning this away prevents that deterioration and is much easier and less expensive than replacing an entire roof or gutter system – not to mention the liability and safety concerns of having unsound facilities.

Promotes Worker, and Environmental Health

Customers aren’t the only people interacting with your business who like things clean. Employees and tenants appreciate well-maintained, clean facilities. Pressure washing is an easy way to minimize mold and pest dangers that can be potentially harmful. Pollution, pollen, dirt, dust, debris, algae, mildew, and bird droppings can all have negative health outcomes for the people who spend the most time in your building. These can lead to trouble breathing, allergies, and diseases.

Slips and falls cause a large number of workplace accidents. Regular pressure washing can help prevent them. By pressure washing sidewalks, walkways, and parking garages, you can wash away grease, mold, and other substances that can build up over time and get slippery, leading to accidents and injuries.

Clean Away Graffiti

Graffiti doesn’t have the same structural and safety concerns as mold and grime, but it can be an unsightly stain on your business. It can be obscene or simply unwanted, and it can interfere with your company’s image. If it goes too far, it can even look a building look vacant, unoccupied, and uncared-for, which is the last thing you want. Pressure washing can help remove the vandalism and keep your building look fresh-faced and new.

Sets You Up for Easier Inspections

It’ll come as no surprise that a clean building is easier to inspect than a dirty one. By maintaining a sleek appearance and cleaning your building regularly, you’ll have an easier time when health inspectors come knocking. That means a less stressful inspection process for you.