Our client is a global retail chain with 24 locations throughout Quebec. Our job is to do regular cleaning of the signage, sidewalks, and windows(interior and exterior).

powerwashing signage

What are some major challenges of this commercial power washing?

1. Some locations are along busy pedestrian routes

2. Signage can be up to 35 feet high

3. Most locations do not have access to power or water

While the space to be cleaned itself is not very large, there is a lot of work involved in getting the signage clean. Over the course of a year, a lot of insects and spiders collect in and around signs. We spend most of our time removing them. Once the webs are cleared out, a big rinse cleans everything nicely. Finally, we also clean the sidewalk in front of the store to wash away dirty water and debris and to take gum out of the concrete. And of course, the windows are cleaned before we leave.

How do you adapt?

At all locations, we avoid doing the cleaning at high-traffic times. We always make sure that we wear high visibility vests and we place pylons to prevent anyone from accidentally wandering into a dangerous zone. As one of our team operates the tools, a colleague keeps an eye on anyone coming and warns them. This prevents anyone from getting hurt or even getting wet. Always having a minimum of two people on a job, allows us to work quickly and safely.

Store signage is sometimes 20 feet in the air but some locations can go as high as 35 feet.  Depending on the site situation, we have two methods to reach that high up. The first is a telescopic pole that attaches to the pressure washer and we can work from the ground. The second method is a portable personnel lift we bring to locations. When secured and stabilized, we can then add another 20 feet of reach with the telescopic pole.

Finally, instead of leaving access to power or water to chance, our tools are either battery or gas-powered and our trucks have 1000L reservoirs that are sufficient for most small jobs. Having our own water saves us lots of time and effort and helps us get to a clean storefront quickly.

Even though the challenges differ from site to site, our process ensures the power washing is done safely and efficiently.  This saves us time and also saves our client money.

powerwashing cement